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Laurel Mountain

by Lucas Wojciechowski on June 5, 2020

Laurel Mountain is Mammoth Lake's backyard alpine adventure. It's been a treat to watch it change with the seasons. And humbling to be reminded that its more of an alpine adventure than a backyard adventure.

I climbed Laurel in late November last year, just in time to watch the first big snowstorm of the season break over the Sierra Crest, framed by a red sunset. It was an awesome sight. By the time I started down, the snow was falling on me. I had a hard time finding the way down and got wickedly cliffed out in a few spots. That was a scary day.

Returning to the summit in spring weather feels like a rebirth.


by Lucas Wojciechowski on June 4, 2020

Next to my desk I keep a jar with slips of paper. Whenever I need a break from work I take a slip of paper out of the jar and do whatever it says. I appreciate not being responsible for dreaming up a constructive use of time while my brain is exhausted.

This afternoon I drew one that says "Write Haiku."

Heavy afternoon sun
Songbird in the tree sings
Don't know, don't know